The Renewable Energy Sources Resource Platform – RESres –

A groundbreaking and unique platform aimed at bringing the global renewable
energy community under one umbrella

What is it about?

With the EU Green Deal on the table, fulfillment of Paris Agreement goals lagging behind, billions of EURO invested in cross-border infrastructure and RES projects, advancement of various clean energy technologies, innovations and financial incentives, simple yet practical “bottom up” tools which would increase the penetration rate of RES and accelerate the overall decarbonisation of the economy are still missing for the RES community. The existent conventional face-to-face or on-line networking and traditional way of doing business is time consuming, fragmented or largely oriented at national markets, and simply cannot be considered enough in the digital era when changes need to be taking place at hyperspeed.

The RESres Platform was developed to fill this void – an intuitive profiling, searching and matching tool designed for the whole RES value chain, enabling businesses, non-for-profit entities, governmental institutions of all levels, financial institutions and final customers to find business partners and opportunities for cooperation and making maximal use of available synergies.

It is not just another database, directory or fintech tool. Instead, the software architecture of the platform is designed in such a way that it allows its users to find each other based only on concrete needs and mutual interest to cooperate – be it finding a service provider for a very specific technological solution, collaborating on Research & Innovation, exploring potential interest in public tenders, securing funding or insurance for RES projects, or as simple as looking for the best deal for a roof-top solar panel for a household.

The RESres Platform provides you with incredible time-saving as it enables you to search for partners across RES sectors and borders, without leaving an office or home, opening “closed doors” or joining “elite clubs”, with your search time cut down from weeks or months to virtually instant. You will be establishing direct contacts with responsible persons (no office@ or other generic e-mails), and taking part in an constantly increasing flow and exchange of information with the common goal of accelerating the penetration of RES in the energy mix, decarbonizing the economy, and combating climate change.

What areas of renewables does it cover?

RESres covers all the main RES and related technology areas:

• Wind • Solar • Geothermal • Hydro Ocean Energy • Biofuels/Renewables in transport • Energy Storage Solutions • Biomass Biogas • Heat Pumps

Who is it for?

If you are directly involved in the RES sector as a company, an entrepreneur (sole proprietor), financial institution, non-for-profit entity or governmental/public body of any size or level, the RESres Platform is here to make finding a partner for you smooth, fast, and reliable, while simultaneously making your renewable energy products, services, research and innovation activities, as well as your needs discoverable by the entire renewable community, thus paving way to utilizing available synergies

If you are a natural person, a household, multi-apartment building, a (renewable) energy community or a business looking for the best offer for a renewable energy related product or service for your own use, the RESres Platform will help you find partners who can provide you with exactly what you need.

The RESres Platform is now with nearly full global coverage!

Launched in the EU/EEA, Energy Community Contracting Parties, UK, Switzerland, and Turkey. Now also available in North America, Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Republic of Korea, and Japan.


Manufacturers of RES technologies and components

Providers of raw materials/feedstock

Providers of construction&installation works/maintenance services

Wholesale/retail traders

Providers of planning/engineering services

Providers of legal/consulting services/technical assistance/training

Suppliers of RES generated electricity

Network operators

Businesses involved in research & innovation


Partner search time reduced significantly

New markets for your products and services

New/alternative suppliers

Governmental bodies at a click

Easier and faster access to the best financial and insurance products,technical, legal or other consultancy

Exploiting R&I synergies

Financial Institutions

Commercial Banks

International Financial Institutions

Insurance Companies

…offering grants, loans, guarantees, property cover, liability cover, and other financial and insurance products and services to RES stakeholders (governmental, commercial or residential) and “greening” their portfolios.


Direct access to a targeted RES community

Direct feedback on the products the market requires

Near-zero cost for making your financial/insurance products visible to everyone who needs them

Governmental Bodies and Public Authorities






Federal units

State level bodies

Other governmental and public authorities

…interested in promoting RES projects, securing finances for their RES projects, forging alliances and creating joint initiatives in the field of renewables.


Testing the interest of the market (businesses) for projects in their jurisdiction

Receiving direct signals from the market

Intragovernmental cooperation and joint initiatives (e.g. cities with cities)

Simplified access to financing

Non-for-profit Entities


Research Centers/Institutes


Other non-for-profit entities


Exploiting Research & Innovation synergies

Partnering up for RES related projects

New opportunities for your consultancy and training programs

Final Customers

Natural persons (individuals)


Multi-apartment Buildings

(Renewable) Energy Communities

Companies/Entrepreneurs (Sole Proprietors)

…looking for the best offer for a renewable energy related service or product for their own use.


Getting the RES technology or related service you need (from tailor-made design, over construction and installation to maintenance) at the best conditions on the global market.

Geographic Coverage

Available in:

EU/EEA, Energy Community Contracting Parties, UK, Switzerland, and Turkey

North America, Latin America, Caribbean

Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India

Republic of Korea, Japan

Global coverage – Q4 2021


Our prices are set at a democratic level enabling all potential users of the platform to subscribe regardless of their size or economic power. Use this unparalleled opportunity to become a part of a unique RES dedicated community.

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