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NYC Climate Week 2020 Special

Aside from the few and ever declining number of climate change deniers, we can all agree that climate change requires action without delay. Equally, most stakeholders agree that renewable energy holds and important place in fighting climate change, and we are witnessing more and more policies to this effect being adopted, more ambitious targets being set, yet business seems to be done to a large extent as it was done before. The impression is that the renewable energy stakeholders sit comfortably in the bubbles they created and show little interest in enhancing their BAU models in order to maximize the efficiency of their value and supply chains. One might ask why would they when renewable energy penetration rates are on a more or less steady rise? The answer is rather simple: it is not fast enough! It does not cover the geographic scope it should! It is not using all the potential synergies out there!

This is where the RESres Platform comes in as a gamechanger, bringing about an absolute paradigm shift in business development and partnering up when it comes to renewables: it’s digital, fast, reliable, easy to use, and saves human and other resources which can be utilized more efficiently elsewhere. It opens up unimaginable possibilities for global cooperation related to renewables in a manner fit for the 21 century. The misfortunes of COVID 19 have just underlined how vulnerable our supply chains and  business models are, and that there is a need to introduce different approaches to how we go about our businesses and especially how we partner up to get the job done.   

The RESres Platform is not a search portal or a business directory, as these are static and one-way, and usually just provide you with general information on what a company or institution does. On the contrary, the RESres Platform is focused on specifics, on practical aspects, and functions on a “I need – I can provide you with what you need” basis. On top of that it goes down to the level of specific contact points, i.e. real people dealing with what you need, so there is no more need to waste time and resources on finding “the right person” (in say an entity with 100+ employees). The same applies to trying to establish a partnership with someone who can theoretically provide you with what you need, but this does not hold to be true in practice for whatever reason – the RESres Platform makes this impossible given that the matching is executed only upon prior explicit confirmation of interest by the other party = no time lost with those that cannot perform!  A few other perks: It covers all renewable and related technology areas and as such enables establishing and utilizing cross-sectoral synergies. It covers the full supply and value chain including suppliers of raw materials, financial institutions, central and local governments, final customers, consultancies, research institutions, etc. and is not just focused on the traditional project promoters and technology manufacturers although they have a prominent role on the platform. It enables the Platform users to find partners established or active in a specific region or country if this is important to them.

To make full use of what the RESres Platform offers to the renewable energy community and its stakeholders we need to overcome the associated Catch 22: the Platform needs to be recognized and accepted by the stakeholders. This means being bold, evolving, accepting new approaches and in return transforming your commitments in combating climate change into tangible actions beyond what is imaginable today. Hypocrisy ends and a new renewable energy future begins with the RESres Platform. It’s a guaranteed win-win!

Finally, instead of opting for a half an hour discussion (for which we are otherwise always up for!) we wanted to reach out to the widest possible audience and showcase what the RESres Platform is all about, and what better way to do it than via visual media. Take a look at our clip below, pause, re-run and discover what it’s all about!

We decided to make ourselves available for conversation throughout the full 12 hours of our NYC Climate Week event! If anything springs to mind and you would like an immediate response, wish to know some super specifics or want to discuss any aspect of the RESres Platform, use the Live Chat link below

Otherwise feel free to contact us at

We respond to everyone!


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